Chimney Annual Cleaning Contract


  1. 90 cm Decorative steel finish
  2. Soft touch with remote control
  3. Suction 1600 m3/hr
  4. Stainless steel hood
  5. Heat clean
  6. Bearing motor.
  7. Power Consumption: 210 watt
  8. Dimension: 900x 560x 466mm

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This agreement is initially for the period of “ONE/TWO YEAR/S” from the date of commencement mentioned here in before and shall be renewed at expiry automatically for further periods of one / two / year/s each, unless either party gives notice in writting to the other of its intention not to renew the same at least one month prior to the closed of the contractual year.


  1. Three periodical cleaning visits per year during the period of contract mentioned above, when the equipment will be checked/cleaned.
  2. Any additional visit during the contract period, in the event of any break down malfunctioning of the equipment, on intimation in this regards by the customer.
  3. Cleaning (A.C.C) shall not include the cost of consumable items during the cleaning contract period.


A) It is to be noted that this contract is enforced with the sole objective of cleaning the “Equipment” on a periodical basis only. And that it does not cover the maintenance and functionality which is subject to proper usage and careful operation by the owner.

B) The contract shall not cover visit/replacement of parts under the following circumstances :

  1. Damage caused to the equipment by or due to floor, fire, accident riot, breakage, paste, improper or negligent use, tampering etc.
  2. Damage caused to the equipment due to failure to observe the operating instruction.
  3. Defects/failures resulting from servicing/repairs done by a person other than the authorized representative of SKIPL.
  4. Where this equipment is under use for more than 5 hrs. per day continuously, unless otherwise agreed in writing by SKIPL.

In any such events pertaining to repairing of replacing the existing wornout / defective part(s) the decision of SKIPL shall be final and bill will be submitted for the work carried out as per SKIPL prevailing rates.

C) The equipment must be in good working condition and has to be certified by authorized Service Engineer of SKIPL before this contract becomes effective. The customer shall pay the necessery charges to SKIPL before signing this contract for any early defect in the equipment. This clause does not apply if a contract is revived from the next day of termination of the Warranty Period or previous.

D) The customer shall provide give the service engineer of SKIPL full and free access to the equipment to enable proper cleaning. Faliure to do so will be treated as cleaning done and no demand for any refund will be entertained.

E) Cleaning shall be provided by the service engineers of SKIPL only during normal working hours of Shakers Kitchen Innovation Pvt Ltd. Registered office (10 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday) for calls beyond the normal working hours. Customer will be charged as per traveling allowance and others.

F) SKIPL shall not be liable for death / injury and any other loss to any person or loss / damage to any property caused as a result of equipment failure, breakdown or accident or firm or any other circumstances beyond the control of SKIPL.

G) In order to enable SKIPL to discharge its obligations under this contract, the customer shall notify in writing any change in his address within ten days of such change @ 8100441661.

H) This A.C.C is not terminable before the expiry date nor is it transferable in the event to resale/gift to any other person.

I) This A.C.C is offered only within the municipal limits of the city and additional amount will be charged for visit made beyond this limits.

J) A.C.C Charges are payable by cheque / DD in favor of “ Shakers Kitchen Innovation Pvt. Ltd.” in advance and payment shall accompany the signed copy of the contract reciept before the contract period.

K) Renewal of the cleaning contract after its expiry will be done with the mutual consent between the customer and SKIPL.

L) In the event of any complaint the customer shall intimate his name. address and contact no. to SKIPL @ 8100441661.

M) This contract set out all the terms and conditions of which SKIPL agree to clean the euipment and cancels and supersedes all prior agreements. Undertakings or arrangements verbal or written between the parties on the subject matter.

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